Life Time(ライフタイム) is an Life Sumlation game Created By Joseph O. Dewayne, Alan Kane and Dako-Kuja G

Life Time for GS(2000)Edit

Life Time for Gamestation(Let's Begin are, Life Time 始めましょう、ライフタイムですか)  or Know as Life Time Classic Relesed April 29, 2000 in Japan and July 19, 2001 in West Regions

Life Time for GS3(2013)Edit

Life Time for GS3(Let's Return, In Life Time のライフタイムでは、戻りましょう) is the 2nd Installment for GS3, Relesed July 31, 2013 in Japan November 21, 2013 in USA November 22, 2013 in EU and June 1, 2014 in AUS

Life Time 2(2015)Edit

Life Time 2(ワールドシティ、ライフタイム2 World City, Life Time 2) Is an Upcoming 2015 Title for GS4

TV SeriesEdit

Life Time: Advert Was First Annoued At TV Japan Con 2014 Along With New Episodes Of The Adventures Of Joseph In School The Series Will Air In Japan July 13, 2014

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